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We have lift off, Chomp is launched! Have you downloaded it yet?

WHOOP! After many months of development and trials, we are very proud to announce that Chomp is now live on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Download Chomp on the App Store
Get Chomp on Google Play

This is the very beginning of the Chomp journey, over time we will grow the number of games and learning content. Our ultimate aim is to cover as much content of the dental industry for trainee dental nurses as possible. Making Chomp an essential companion for trainees, keeping it cost effective and FUN!

Through your excellent feedback from our pilot trials, we have fixed bugs and made a number of tweaks, and even added a new area to discover. The Chomp pilot trial included Mouth Regions, Tooth Surfaces and a Skull Anatomy visualiser. Chomp now includes Charting, where we have introduced the Chomp Monster (the first of many maybe?). Base Charting and Treatment Charting symbols are introduced each level, slowly building up your knowledge recognising and understanding the symbols. That Chomp monster is hungry, and only feeds off dental charting symbols. Make sure you feed the monster the correct dental charting symbols to keep winning!

So what are you waiting for? Download the new Chomp now!

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