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The pilot is over... what's next?

THANK YOU to everyone that took part in the Chomp Pilot. It was so important to get real feedback from real people in the industry. We gained so much useful feedback it was excellent, the good and the bad! All the information gathered not only helps us make a better product moving forwards, it means we understand more what YOU want, and also it proved that we are on the right tracks.

As we said, for everyone who completed all the steps in the pilot, one lucky winner would win a £50 Amazon Voucher. That person was... Julie, we hope you enjoy spending that!

Moving Forward!

We are now continuing to process all the data and information captured during the pilot. We've been fixing bugs and making tweaks, getting ready to launch Chomp on to the Apple App Store and Google Play. The pilot only included Mouth Regions, Tooth Surfaces and a quick Skull Anatomy visualiser. When Chomp launches, it will include a new sub section for Charting where we introduce the Chomp Monster (the first of many maybe?). Make sure you feed the monster the correct dental charting symbols to keep winning!

We will keep you posted, and a massive thank you again to everyone getting involved with Chomp, we appreciate it all.

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