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Last push for the Chomp pilot feedback!

We've had great fun developing Chomp, not only the making games part, but also meeting different people in the dental industry and learning so much. As part of our early stage development, it's crucial to get feedback and listen to real people in real jobs. Our original plan was to wrap up the trial pilot last summer, but due to various reasons we held off closing the pilot, so that we could extend the window for feedback as we added more features.

But the time has come to close the pilot! So for everyone who has signed up to the pilot so far, we need you to fill out our closing pilot survey. It's really important we get honest feedback so that we can evaluate our app to be as effective as possible, so we can improve and enhance to make it better for you.

Need a little incentive?

That's right it's giveaway time!

For everyone who has helped us with the pilot by using chomp and filling out both surveys, we are entering them in to a draw where one lucky person will win a £50 Amazon voucher!

So if you have already signed up to the pilot and have been playing, now is time for you to fill out the 2nd survey right here:

To enter the giveaway draw you must follow the rules and agree to the terms and conditions of the giveaway which can be found here:

Haven't signed up to the pilot yet?

No problem, follow the links in the terms and conditions link to sign up, but HURRY UP because time is running out if you would like to be entered in to the draw.

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