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Chomp App - Your Data

Thank you for playing Chomp! The Chomp App collects anonymous data about how you use the app and how you play the games. We use this data to understand usage and help make improvements for the future.

A unique device ID is generated so that we can collate stats to the same user, and understand their journey, but the ID isn't associated with personal data.

If you would like to request a copy of your data or would like it deleted, please follow the following steps:

1) Open the Chomp App and go to the About screen by selecting the top left button on the main menu screen.

2) On the Chomp logo, tap on the eyes 7 times, you will see a unique ID appear below the logo. Note the ID or take a screenshot and email with your request to:

3) We will notify you within a 30 day period of your request.

Data collected:

Your Device - 

  • Unique Device ID 
    (this is generated by Chomp and not associated with any other app or service)

  • Operating System

  • Graphics Device - Name / Memory Size

  • Device - Type / Model / Name

General App Usage - 

  • Timestamp of app being opened

  • Selected learning module

  • When clicking on a web link

  • If user clears their progress data

General Game Play -

  • When a level is started

  • Level success / fail

  • How long level was played

  • Number of stars collected

  • Trophies won

  • Game percentage

  • If game was quit mid level

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